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Technical Marketing Manager 

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MROsupply is an ecommerce platform boasting 1.8 million products specializing in factory parts—an industry often perceived as mundane. We redefine the perception of factory parts as an engaging and innovative industry. Specializing in motion control, rubber products, motors, conveyor belting, speed reducers, and bearings, we stand out for our commitment to creative and entertaining content, challenging stereotypes in a traditionally conservative sector.    

Who We Are Looking For:

Our ecommerce platform requires a Technical Marketing Manager capable of navigating the complexities of AdWords at this scale. We seek someone with a strong analytical mindset over pure creativity, capable of diving deep into data and effectively guiding analytical efforts. This role demands technical proficiency, evident in understanding analytics, generating insightful reports, and prior experience in Google Advertising for ecommerce. Proficiency in managing remote teams and outsourcing is crucial. The ideal candidate combines technical prowess with leadership skills to optimize advertising strategies and yield impactful outcomes. 

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The Interview Process

At MROSupply, we value transparency. That means we believe you should know what you’re in for when you apply. The process looks like this:

  • Please apply via the form attached at the bottom of this page.

  • If you are a good fit, we will respond with a calendar link to set up our first interview. We will do our best to respond to all applications.
  • There will be between 2-4 interviews, with durations as follows.
Interview 1

30 Minutes

Technical Marketing Manager