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About Massey Martin

Provides consulting services for PA (Physician Assistant) Programs across the country. We assist PA educators with program development by offering personalized, interactive mentoring and consulting services to guide PA programs to achieve and maintain accreditation.

Where we started

Client's Problem Overview

Services Offered

The Remotual Solution

Calendar Management

Inbox Management

Task Management

Invoice Management

Leads Follow-ups and Management

Document Management

Handling Calls

Data Organization and Management

Student Coaching Scheduling & Management

Contract Consolidation

CRM Dashboard Management

Trips Booking & Organization


No. of Tasks


No. of Remotualites


No. of Hours


No. of Projects

See the difference

The Transformation

Piled up meeting requests

Numerous unread emails in inbox which caused missed deadlines

Backlog of meetings that had to be scheduled

All communication had to be typed up from scratch

No meeting agenda has been created

Invoices were behind and had numerous outstanding payments

New leads were never updated on the CRM

CEO was overwhelmed with ad-hoc tasks

Various unsigned and unfiled documents


The Outcome

Just within a few weeks of working with Remotual,

  • Dr. Massey started delegating various administrative tasks to Remotual, including project coordination, calendar management, inbox management, document editing, summarizing meeting transcripts and much more.
  • By leveraging our support, Dr. Massey has been able to concentrate his efforts on the students and the universities he is involved in.

Saved the CEO time


Increase in Leads


Increase in Sales Calls


In Client's own word


Do what you do best. Let us handle the rest!
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