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Where we started

Client's Problem Overview

Dr. Mohamed Osman, M.D., Co-founder & CMO of MVM Health - Pain, Vein and Wellness was struggling with a series of personal tasks ranging from calendar management to social media management and daily ops.

Services Offered

The Remotual Solution

1. Marketing Roadmap

Project Management

2. Departmental Management

Departmental Management

3. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

4. Video Editing

Video Editing

5. Content Management

Content Management

13. Research


7. E commerce Strategy

E-commerce Strategy Execution

8. Document Editing Management

Document Editing & Management

9. Vendor Freelancer Management

Vendor/ Freelancer Management

16. Communication Management

Communication Management

11. Assist with Business Strategies

Assist with Business Strategies

12. Assess KPIs and Measure Team Performance

Assess KPI's and Measure Team Performance

6. Social Media Management

Social Media Management

14. SEO Audits

SEO Audits

15. Team Management

Team Management

10. Website Upgrades Enhancements

Website Upgrades/ Enhancements

17. Analytics Insights Reporting

Analytics/ Insights Reporting

18. Marketing Roadmap

Marketing Roadmap


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No. of Hours


No. of Projects

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The Transformation

Due to a lack of clarity on appropriate tools, task management was inefficient. Consequently, simple tasks such as scheduling & email responses consumed a significant amount of time

group 2340

Effectively utilized tools such as Calendly and Acuity Scheduling, resulting in a time-saving of at least 60%

The process of calendar management was laborious, resulting in lost revenue & reputational damage with potential clients, patients, and partners. The absence of proper calendar management accelerated the problem

group 2340

Simplified calendar management by syncing three calendars of various businesses to a single point of source ensuring better clarity and zero loss in opportunities

Manual work without automation took up 4-6 hours per week and decreased productivity

group 2340

Proposed simplified automation for Dr Chrono/Acuity Scheduling to simplify patient scheduling, leading to reduced costs & a time-saving of at least 5 hours per week.

The absence of a comprehensive social media management plan resulted in minimal engagement, with little to no measurable results

group 2340

Developed a social media management plan with a focus on engagement, resulting in an immediate increase of +2% in engagement rate

Without a proper KPI structure, there were no insights or reports on SEO and website performance, thereby hindering the optimization of digital presence

group 2340

Established a weekly reporting structure for SEO and website performance, enabling data-driven actions to improve business outcomes. Acted as CoS and effeciently managed three business internal team management as required

The task list lacked follow-up mechanisms, leading to unresolved issues and missed opportunities

group 2340

Created a follow-up task sheet on Asana to manage communications and follow-ups, resulting in a time-saving of 2 hours per week

A heavy backlog of at least 30 personal tasks

group 2340

Successfully managed all personal tasks, resulting in no pending personal task backlog


The Outcome

Just within a few weeks of working with Remotual,

  • We implemented cost-effective solutions, particularly when dealing with external stakeholders, which helped cut down on costs. 
  • As a single point of contact for all internal and external project management, we effectively led and managed the internal team.

Our efforts have allowed Dr. Osman to focus on expanding his businesses and even launching new ventures in 2023.

We significantly reduced Dr. Osman's workload so he managed his medical practice & alleviating his concerns about managing his other businesses

Enabling him to devote 60% more time

Our team acted as his primary source of information on his other businesses

Providing him with daily updates on their activities

In Client's own word


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