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People3 is a benefit corporation that provides diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and inclusion-centered consulting. We work with private, non-profit, and government sectors to facilitate and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Where we started

Client's Problem Overview

Dr. Candace, Founder of People3 and her team were facing the daunting challenge of balancing their routine tasks while also concentrating on expanding the business.

Services Offered

The Remotual Solution

1. Marketing Roadmap

Project Management

2. Client Communication

Client Communication

7. Small Group Interview Coordination

Small Group Interview Coordination

4. Training Coordination

Training Coordination

5. Focus Groups Coordination

Focus Groups Cooridnation

6. CRM Management

Content Management

3. Process Improvement

Process Improvement

8. Contractor Facilitators Management

Contractor/ Facilitators Management

9. Invoicing


10. Data Analytics

Data Analytics

11. Data Dashboards

Data Dashboards

12. Design Updates

Design Updates


No. of Tasks


No. of Remotualites


No. of Hours


No. of Projects

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The Transformation

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was devoting a considerable amount of time to administrative and operational tasks, including but not limited to invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM) updates, sales lead tracking, and follow-ups.

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Saved CEO & Business Manager 10s of hours by managing the training & small group interview process. We ensured that each step of the process was handled efficiently, leading to the timely scheduling of training and interviews, completion of notes, and rollout of feedback surveys.

The team was experiencing difficulty adhering to the training process due to their heavy workload.

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Implemented an invoicing system using Google Sheets that created a consistent invoicing process as well as helped every contractor/facilitator keep track of their hours

All contractors & facilitators were utilizing different invoicing methods, leading to inconsistencies.

group 2340

Regular updates to the CRM, Training & Consulting board in Monday.com ensure timely billing of clients improving overall efficiency.

The training content decks required design updates

group 2340

Revamped content decks to align with people3's branding, enhancing the professionalism and coherence of training presentations.

The client's demographic information was stored in Excel sheets.

group 2340

Converted demographic data from an Excel sheet to a PowerBI Dashboard, providing the team and clients with an intuitive visual interface to analyze the data


The Outcome

Just within a few weeks of working with Remotual,

  • The CEO started delegating a greater number of tasks to Remotual, including data management, design, and project coordination.
  • By leveraging our support, the CEO has been able to concentrate her efforts on expanding the business.

Additionally, with Remotual managing client communication, the scheduling of meetings, small group interviews, and training sessions.

Remotual streamlines communication and boosts efficiency by 30%

In Client's own word


Do what you do best. Let us handle the rest!
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