Freedom Day

We should all be thankful for the many freedoms we are afforded.
This day was envisioned as a way for all to take a moment to appreciate how lucky they are to enjoy the founding principle of Freedom!

Why is Freedom Day Important?

It’s a day of appreciation
It was established with the hopes of promoting goodwill, fairness, and equality.
One thing likely to put a positive spin on your day is taking a moment to appreciate all the freedoms we enjoy daily.
When you’re appreciating — think small! Think about your freedom of speech. What about the freedom to practice whatever religion you want?
Take today to appreciate all the freedoms that we take for granted day in and day out!
It keeps us rooted in what matters
With war, unrest, and worse, in so many parts of the world, a Nation’s established history of habitually recognizing ‘freedom’ makes living in that Nation — a blessing and a unique opportunity.
Marks the 1st day of Black History month
In February we enter Black History Month on an appreciative and positive note, and we get to spend the entire month of February, recognizing some incredible achievements.

How You Can Observe Freedom Day in Some Special Ways

Set up a Special Interest Discussion Group
Ever wondered what freedom means for those around you?
You’ll broaden your perspective, by letting everyone tell you what freedoms they’re grateful for!
It will come as a surprise the many different ways that freedom can be defined by other people.
Share the freedoms you most appreciate on social media
What freedoms do you appreciate the most? The ability to choose the person you want to marry? The ability to be friends with people of different backgrounds and orientations?
Share with your friends and see what kind of freedom wave you set off. Are you bold enough to start a purposeful movement among your connections by asking a thought-provoking question or using a specific hashtag.

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