Fun at Work Day & Puzzle Day

Fun at Work Day

The last Friday of January is Fun at Work Day! As if ‘TGIFs’ – Fridays couldn’t get any more awesome around the office!
Whether you work remotely or work for a large organization or a small office, bringing fun into the workplace is a great way for coworkers to bond, gain inspiration, boost team morale, and even increase productivity.
Fun at Work Day was created to bring employees together by fostering humor and happiness in the office.
So, rally your bosses and coworkers, and brainstorm ways to best celebrate! From games, potlucks, parties, goodies, awards, and more, there’s no wrong means or way of celebrating Fun at Work Day — you just need to bring the fun!

Puzzle Day

January 29 is the perfect day to do a little brain exercise — Puzzle Day. Whether it’s a Sudoku, jigsaw, or crossword, puzzles engage our brain in numerous ways. Scientists have discovered that we utilize both sides of the brain when we work on a jigsaw puzzle. This improves problem-solving skills, memory, and cognitive function in the process. People can stimulate the brain by utilizing puzzles to improve a number of skills.

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