End of the Week Analysis – 06 Mar 2023

Week Insights for 03-06

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Week Comparison Insights & Validation for 03-06

  • 1.3% decrease in Overall Production Hours compared to WB 02-27
  • 14.25% decrease in Billable Hours
  • 34.27% increase in Overhead Hours
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  • This week’s production hours by Service

Weekly Comparison (Last 3 Weeks)

Picture2 1
Picture3 1


  • The above Graphs show week on week comparison for the past 3 weeks
  • A 1.3% decrease in Overall production hours can be seen last week in comparison with the previous week which was 4.67% higher than the preceding week
  • We can see a slight decrease in Client billable hours by 14.25% and an increase in Overhead hours by 34.27% as well
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10 Week Comparison (2022 vs 2023)

Picture4 1
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  • The above Graphs show a production hours comparison for the first 10 weeks of the year, 2022 vs 2023
  • We have a 20.23% increase in Overall production hours compared to last year
  • With 52.5% increase in Client Billable and 24.72% decrease in the Overhead production hours

WoW Production Hours Comparison by Projects

Picture6 1

WoW Production Hours Comparison by Remotualites

Picture7 1
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02 Monthly Analysis

Monthly Comparison

Picture8 1
Picture9 1


  • Pic 1 shows the trend of Monthly production hours
  • Pic 2 shows Monthly Production hours segregated based on Client Billable and Overhead Hours

We’ve reached 48.26% (984 hrs) of our monthly Production Hours goal of 2040 hrs for March after week 2 and have 16 more days to go to accomplish our Monthly goal!

MoM Production Hours Comparison by Projects

Picture10 1

MoM Production Hours Comparison by Remotualites

Picture11 1
Asset 08

03 Yearly Analysis

Trends and Comparison of Overall Production Hours for 2020-23

  • The Red line represents the production hours for 2023. We cut down on our Overhead hours significantly during Feb 2023 and going by the trend, we should have more Client Billable hours going forward. 

Bar Chart for Yearly Comparison of Production Hours for 2020-23

Picture12 1

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