Week Insights for 12-26th

Week Comparison Insights & Validation for 12-26

  • 22.03% decrease in Overall Production Hours compared to WB 12-19
  • 14.8% decrease in Billable Hours
  • 36.67% decrease in Overhead Hours

Month Comparison Insights & Validation for Dec

  • 12.53% decrease in Overall Production Hours compared to Nov 2022
  • 13.61% decrease in Billable Hours
  • 9.5% decrease in Overhead Hours

Weekly Comparison


  • The above Graphs show the weekly comparison for December month
  • We have an increasing trend for overall production hours until the 3rd week, while due to the holiday season, our overall production for last week decreased
  • Also, we increased overhead hours on the 2nd of last week

Weekly Comparison by Project​

Weekly Comparison by Project

Weekly Comparison by Remotualites​

Weekly Comparison by Remotualites

02 Monthly Analysis

Monthly Comparison


  • Pic 1 shows the trend of Monthly production hours
  • Pic 2 shows Monthly Production hours segregated based on Client Billable and Overhead Hours

We covered 88.58% (1807 hrs) of our monthly Production Hours target of 2040 hours. [Lag by 233 hours]

Monthly Comparison by Remotualites (Nov vs Dec)

03 Yearly Analysis

Trends and Comparison of Overall production hours for 2020, 2021, 2022

  • We have significantly increased production hours compared to last year
  • The trend during Oct – Jan seems to have a decreasing pattern for both consecutive years and is understandably affected by the holiday/end of the year season

Bar chart for yearly comparison of production hours for 2020, 2021,2022

  • Aug and Sept seem to be the only months where our production hours in 2022 are less than in 2021.
  • The growth rate of Feb, March, and December almost doubled as compared to last year.

Yearly Comparison


  • Pic 1 shows YoY production hours for December month
  • Pic 2 shows December 2020, 2021, and 2022 Production hours segregated based on Client Billable and Overhead Hours
  • Pic 3 shows our production hours based on Services we offer at Remotual

Our EA services have – a more than 200% increase in production hours, Recruiting has – a 3% increase, and involvement of  Data, Data Science, and Design Services.

2022 Production Hours by Projects

  • For 2022 we had almost 2720 hours for Overhead-Remotual.
  • Following Massey and martin (2685), Pretty Commit-Emily (1555), and People3 (861)

YoY Comparison for December by Remotualites

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