End of the Week Analysis – 19 Dec 2022

Week Insights for 12-19th

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Week Comparison Insights & Validation for 12-19

  • 5.1% increase in Overall Production Hours compared to WB 12-12 
  • 9.3% decrease in Billable Hours
  • 57% increase in Overhead Hours
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Month Comparison Insights & Validation for 12-19

  • 30% decrease in Overall Production Hours compared to WB 12-12
  • 30% decrease in Billable Hours
  • 28% increase in Overhead Hours

Weekly Comparison



  • Graph1 shows a healthy trend progression in the overall production hours across all weeks of December 2022
  • We managed to reach 88.24% (450 hours) of our weekly target of 510 overall production hours during the week
  • Graph2  shows the segregation of weekly hours by Overheads and Client Billable Hours
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Weekly Comparison by Project​


Weekly Comparison by Remotualites​

Picture1 1
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02 Monthly Analysis

Monthly Comparison



  • Pic 1 shows the trend of Monthly production hours while the last week of December 2022 is yet to be added
  • Pic 2 shows Monthly Production hours segregated based on Client Billable and Overhead Hours
  • Pic 3 shows the side-by-side comparison of monthly hours between November and December 2022

We are yet to reach our monthly Production Hours target of 2040 hours by 29% (592hrs), but we have another week to go!

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03 Yearly Analysis

Trends and Comparison of Overall production hours for 2022 with 2021

  • We have significantly increased production hours compared to last year
  • The trend during Oct – Jan seems to have a decreasing pattern for both the consecutive years and understandably affected by the holiday / end of the year season

Yearly Comparison



  • Pic 1 shows where we stand this year compared to last December (2021)
  • Pic 2 shows December 2021 and 2022 Production hours segregated based on Client Billable and Overhead Hours
  • Pic 3 shows our production hours based on Services we offer at Remotual

Our EA services have – a more than 200% increase in production hours, Recruiting has – a 3% increase, and involvement of  Data, Data Science, and Design Services.


YoY Comparison for December by Remotualites

Picture2 1


I am always pumped by your commitment to quality and hard-work and I will assure of asymmetric outcomes to you all. The path to those asymmetric outcomes will not come if we are not extremely bold and setting aggressive goals but also at the same time with us all working cohesively as 1 unit. We are on our way to delivering “peak performance with optimal conditions”
As always, we’ll follow-up this post by sharing data as soon as we close our October P&L.
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That’s all folks!, See you next month with another round of jaw-breaking metrics. 

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