End of Month Report – Nov 2022

End of Month Report - Nov 2022

Hello December! We’ve made it to the End of another Successful Year! Goodbye November and Welcome December!

Going into November and Q4 we knew we had massive headwinds – broken records!

However, we just didn’t get through October to November, we thrived and crushed it. We are not out of the woods yet but clearly, we are well positioned to carry on this momentum into December to end the year with a bang.  

If October was a month where the new and the old guards came together at Remotual, the standout in November was clearly a true manifestation of “#Leadership” from across the company. Every single #remotualite covered for each other, and several stepped up to be instrumental in putting the wind in the sails for Remotual.


A recurring theme we’ve discussed many times over is to build a sustainable business and avoid a single point of failure and this past month showed us that we are on the right track. We’ve strengthened our PMF (Product-Market Fit) in the EA business and made a recognizable dent in the Recruiting PMF. We have a long way to go in the Data business, but we’ve made progress albeit small.  In the big scheme of things, this is huge. This independence is maturity!

To follow up on the November 2022 Report, here’s what we have now that our November books are ready:

  • From a Gross Revenue perspective month-on-month, we grew 34% in November compared to October. 📈
  • Our Q4 is up 24% compared to Q3 already and we have a whole month of December to stack up on it. 🥳
  • Compared to 2021 November we are at a staggering 141% growth rate. 😍
Total Prod Hours


Last Year Prod Hours


Growth Rate


This Year Prod Hours

EA is our biggest source of Revenue followed by Recruiting and Data


One of our most important metrics is the Revenue by an employee and we are clearly in the green and have upward momentum that will continue into 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣!!!


Every single individual on the team had more utilization than last year

An average 70% YoY growth rate when it comes to Remotualite Earnings is great, but we are not done yet. We have more work to do here so the growth is more evenly distributed across


Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results – WELL DONE TEAM!


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