Jan 2022 – End of Month Report

Jan 2022 - End of Month Report

"What gets measured, gets improved"

To achieve our 2022 goals we set out the following key areas for improvement. Each month, we’ll be tracking our progress against this:
Remotual 2.0

So, the overall stock market is in the toilet, the crypto bubble busted, real estate is crashing, inflation is rising, massive layoffs in the tech space, war, looming recession……on and on….

How are we doing?

Modular Thinking – 15%

  • we’ve built ONE module – the [REDACTED] dashboard. I expected to see several more.
  • We expect Mo Majdali and all project managers to make this their OKR. Talo, Harrison, Kristina, Castillo I expect you guys to build and share modules every week. We’ll be tracking this in a Leaderboard. dashboard.
Just to remind everybody, what is a module?
  • Anything repetitive or has a defined number of steps (Ex: Client on-boarding, new hire on-boarding, scope of work, NDA, sharing LinkedIn access, payroll, end of week reports, utilization tracking etc) is a module.
  • If you can create a process or able to delegate a task – that’s a module.
  • If a task takes 7 steps and you reduce 2 steps by building a process – that’s a module.

    Be Technology First – 0%

  • This is one area very we continue to lag behind significantly.
  • We want to be product based company vs service based company and we are no where close to achieving this in this Quarter
  • The bright side here is that with the sheer manual machine it’s incredible how much growth, progress we’ve been able to achieve thus far. But what got us here will not take us to where we want.

We’ve started working on rolling out some products – the first one will likely be Remotual Connect (more about this later, stay tuned).

Organized – 50%

  • Finally, we have Project Management – after hundreds of hours of testing this and that and no process, we have Asana. Thanks to Mo Majdali, we’ve made the most progress in this.
  • We still have a lot of room to make the best use of Asana and the more reps, the more we use the more projects get added we’ll make progress even more

I am very proud of this progress made here.

Leverage – 50%

  • Leverage is key. We brought Mo Majdali on and within a short 1 month, he’s added tremendous value to remotual and leverage to me. This is huge. Mo and I sync everyday and the more aligned we get the more leverage we’ll share with each other.
  • Mo has spent time with most of you and if you have not synched with him yet, you should. The more leverage he gets from you all, the more growth for the company.
  • Mo and Talo Harrison and team almost entirely successfully completed a client project in 2 weeks! My contribution was less than 5% – now thats leverage right there!

Consistent Pipeline of Work – 45%

  • We completed 1 project last week [REDACTED], we started a new project on Friday [REDACTED]
  • and we will start another project this week [REDACTED]
  • With Mo Majdali leading Biz Dev, the new and improved process and the dashboard are all yielding results. Our conversions have gone up, our CACs have gone down, client are happy, utilization has gone up. We have a nice little fly-wheel going!
  • We’ll soon diversify our outreach – more to come!
  • We’ll soon start to bring on some new Remotualites – so please continue to refer your friends if you think they are qualified.

Company Building – 65%

  • We love our Friday Happy Hours! More of these please.
  • Soon, we’ll re-start our Monthly Townhalls – we’ll invite a guest speaker for for the last Friday in February.
Overall, we are doing OK but the tailwinds are in our favor and so lets keep the momentum going. I am pleased and very optimistic for a 2X February and a bumper Q1.
Please feel free to ask any questions or share ideas and thoughts.
Thank you for a wonderful January! Thank you all for your hard-work remotual-core!
Onwards and upwards! 🚀

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