End of Month Report – July/Aug 2022


End of Month Report - July/Aug 2022

We’ve achieved some significant milestones and broken records in these 2 months (July and August). 🥳🚀

Key Highlights

  • In July we clocked 2253 total production hours which was a new record for the year and then in August we beat it again by clocking a total of 2332. Highest to date this year.
Production Hours
  • We came very close to beating our all-time high record, we are off by a mere 23 hours for same period last year.
Consistent Growth
  • On a month on month basis, we are now on a 5 month consistent growth streak. Around this time last year, we started our decline which lasted for 4-5 months.
  • However, month to date, we’ve blown past our production hours – by a whopping 40%. INCREDIBLE 🤯
  • On a week on week basis, our average weekly production hours is now roughly 500 hours/week. This consistency is a new record.
Production Hours 1

We have some incredible Remotualities crushing it – you all know who you are. 😮‍💨

A Comparison and Ranking Report for Our Remotualites

We don’t want to glorify this kind of extreme production hours (this is not sustainable), but some super-human effort here led by Mo Majdali and then Zoya Lakhani, Carla Hilario, Jacqueline Meneses helped keep the lights on in August.

Members with the most time spent.
Members with the most time spent.

Their extraordinary efforts in August is also directly correlated to and is reflected in the Revenue contribution. Here’s Revenue contribution by Remotualite. BTW, this is not a KPI metric that we track to measure individual performance – for example, the Revenue contribution shown here is based on Billable Projects only. For someone like Moses who mostly works on non-billable, his revenue contribution is in-direct and hence not reflected in this dashboard. So treat this A data point.

Remotualites Prod Hours
  • Special shoutout to Zoya Lakhani, Sushant Kalambe, Moses Adebayo, Ammar Naser who’ve continued to or have added instant leverage to the team.


  • Having been part-time of Remotual for more than a year now, Rod has now become full-time with Remotual. He has been instrumental in building critical infrastructure for Remotual  – primarily, the dashboards he’s built has given navigation capabilities and also has helped us close several clients. He’s now going to lead Data Analytics Team with Sushant reporting to him.
  • Sushant Kalambe has stepped up and has become critical to the Data Analytics team and has now been churning out reports on Massey and soon for People3.
  • Zoya Lakhani has continued her extraordinary personal growth and has become entwined in so many aspects of the business that she is now our go to person for just about anything and everything.

We’ve always stressed that THE 2 things that matter the most for the company is “leverage and rate of growth”. Rod, Sushant and Zoya, your hard-work, quality of deliverable, responsiveness and commitment has not gone un-noticed and to back our acknowledgement we’ve decided to give you all a bump in your hourly compensations starting Sep 1, 2022. Congratulations, we are incredibly proud to be working along side you. Thank you for the hard work and inspiration.

Where we are headed in September

  • We’re going to have to reign in our OH expenditure. Marketing for example is tied directly to Revenues and so its an investment in long-term growth but there is potential for savings on some of the other OH expenditures
Clients Billable and Overhead Comparison
  • Joy Castaneda has accepted our offer to be our in-house copywriter, with her coming on-board, Team Marketing is now fully amped up to start Marketing – I am looking forward to seeing some ROI😁 by end of this month.
  • We’re also going to have a “Remotualite Corner” with dashboard shows your compensation and some of the above information in real-time. You’ll be able to estimate and track your compensation and things like that – Rod and Moses Adebayo are tasked to bring this to Fruition

Update on AltHires

  • With Joy coming on-board we’ll also focus on ramping up building out AltHires
  • Moses Adebayo Hamza Aziz be prepared to break-ground.
  • We received the one rejection from a VC but we’ll start scaling the investor outreach soon.
  • In the meantime Chaitanya Gatreddi and team will start focusing on growth hacking the candidate/supply side.

Exciting times ahead for AltHires and Remotual!


That’s all folks!, See you next month with jaw-breaking metrics. 

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