End of Month Report – Oct 2022

End of Month Report - Oct 2022

September was a month where “we delivered overall peak performance at sub-optimal conditions” but it came at the cost of losing sight of the bigger picture – after effects spilled over to October. Mistakes were made and I take ownership of but we knew going into October and Q4 that we were entering the most challenging quarter of the year. However, we came out more resilient than ever. Rest of Q4 will continue to be challenging considering it’s the end of the year/holidays around the corner, traditionally and historically has been the slowest time of the year.
With all the headwinds and based on our overall performance in October it is clear that we are on our way to beat the curse of Q4. This again was possible because of immense focus, discipline and an impressive team effort. October was owned just as much by Remotual’s old guard as the newbies and we all deserve a pat on our backs and I personally could not be more proud of the collective!
  • Remotual Old Guard of:
    • Hamza Aziz, Carla Hilario Jacqueline Meneses, Rod, Glein Toraz, Mudassar Ahmed, Zoya Lakhani Shahzad Akram – you guys did it again. Well, you actually crushed it again. Your hard work, dedication, adherence to quality and client service helped keep the lights on in October. You’ve taken on more responsibilities and leading by example.
    • Sushant Kalambe, Edwin Pestaño, Elvis Ketter, Moses Adebayo – you’ve played a selfless support role but its always mission critical.
  • Special Shoutout to Newbies:
    • Farheen Minhas – impressive first month. You stepped up, you did not hesitate rolling your sleeves up and getting down and dirty with the team. There was a lot of mess to cleanup that needed intense focus and quicker turnarounds and you excelled. There were some ups and many downs but it wasn’t because of lack of trying….and try you did, as a team and as a leader. There is an overwhelming positive feedback from the team who look-up to you – you’ve made your mark but I am sure you know this will always be a work in progress and not a “job done”. Thats a lot of leverage to the company. I can not wait for you to take over and taste the “blood of sales” and experience the hit of dopamine when you close your first sale!
    • Veena Mouvery – you came in at an incredibly challenging time and started delivering results within a short period of time. You stepping up and giving coverage gave us the much needed leverage.
    • Sonya-lee Ryan – what a great first week. I have no doubt and can not wait for you to unleash your full potential. Apart from your “recruiting” expertise I am personally looking forward for you taking the reins on Remotual’s desperately needed People Operations. I can not wait to get started with you on these initiatives.


I am always pumped by your commitment to quality and hard-work and I will assure of asymmetric outcomes to you all. The path to those asymmetric outcomes will not come if we are not extremely bold and setting aggressive goals but also at the same time with us all working cohesively as 1 unit. We are on our way to delivering “peak performance with optimal conditions”
As always, we’ll follow-up this post by sharing data as soon as we close our October P&L.
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That’s all folks!, See you next month with another round of jaw-breaking metrics. 

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